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How to Implement the World's Easiest Filing System

Here is the secret to file-system bliss:


If you don't already have either a large lever-arch file or a hole-punch, purchase them as necessary. With the world's simplest filing system you need only ONE file for your paper documents.


Whenever you receive any paper you need to file, take a snap of it using File Fast. Choose a location to save it within File Fast itself (with File Fast, you can rest assured your document will stay accessible and will be securely backed-up online)  


a If you don't need to keep the paper copy SHRED IT OR THROW IT AWAY. 95% of the time there is simply no need to keep a paper copy  

If you really need to keep the paper copy (for example, if it is a key legal document like an insurance certificate) FILE IT AT THE TOP OF THE LEVER ARCH FILE


Question: But how can I find the paper document I filed if I need it?

Answer: I can honestly say in the 6 months since I have been using the world's easiest filing system, I haven't had to retrieve a paper document. Not even once. The electronic copy has always been sufficient. But if you want to retrieve the paper document, finding it is easy. First look at the date you snapped the file in File Fast then flick through to the documents at that date in the lever-arch file: all the paper documents are in date order.