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File Fast For iPhone


The world's easiest to use and most convenient filing system is almost upon us.

The fact remains, even in the age of the Internet, most of us still have to deal with paper almost on a daily basis. File Fast provides a convenient solution allowing you to eliminate the hassle of managing paper based correspondence sent to your home or office.

Indeed, File Fast is the vital piece if you want to implement the world's easiest filing system.

File Fast is secure, extremely easy to use and ensures your business and personal filing is fully backed up and easily retrievable at any time. While other iPhone apps will allow you to use your iPhone like a second class document scanner, we have worked hard to give you the fastest, most convenient workflow, so you can use your iPhone as a powerful document capture, storage and retrieval solution. Use your iPhone camera to capture paper documents as multi-page PDF documents choose a filing location and let File Fast do the rest, synchronizing your document in the background with your online data-store, while you can continue to use the app. The best way to understand just how fast and convenient File Fast is, is to download it from the iTunes Appstore for free and give it a go. We have worked hard to ensure File Fast offers the ease of use and excellent design normally associated with native Apple iPhone apps.

If you don't already have online storage, you can get it for free by using Google Docs (if you already have a Google Mail account you already have a Google Docs account, just use your Google Mail username and password).

Or if you have an Apple Mobile-Me account File Fast can back-up your files to your iDisk (which in turn will synchronize them with the iDisk folder on your Mac). 

Get File Fast for free from iTunes AppStore (coming soon)*

How to Implement The World's Easiest Filing System

*The free version of File Fast provides a fully featured, advertising-free file browser for iDisk, GoogleDocs and WebDav online data storage services but is restricted to allowing 1 document to be captured per day. An in-app upgrade option allows you to upgrade File Fast to support unlimited uploads for a nominal fee. See File Fast in the iTunes AppStore for pricing details.